The United States will kill Kurds to force them to live under the rule of Baghdad.

Iraq is a member of the United Nations. But the last thing Iraq is is a nation. It is a political unit that the British Empire put together from pieces of the Kurdish nation, groups of Sunnis, groups of Shiites, and anybody else who fell into this convenient administrative unit ruled from London.

Now we will kill to hold together this unit of the British Empire. When the United Nations says that Iraq is a nation, we keep a perfectly straight face. After all the United Nations represents the "Moral Authority" of Cameroon and Libya.

As a matter of fact, the biggest single step toward peace on earth would be a confederation of real nations, the very thing the United Nations is dedicated to preventing.

Saddam ruled because a tyrant could only hold Iraq together. Tito ruled because a tyrant could only hold Yugoslavia together. The empire of the Russian Czar was called "a prison of nations". The Soviet Empire based its power on holding together hostile nations in the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union called itself a union of Peace Loving Democratic Republics. Peace only came when these "Peace-Loving" governments ended. Democracy only came when these "Democratic" regimes ended.

These Communist satrapies under the rule of Communist Czars only became republics when these so-called "Republics" lost power.

Each of these tyrants had the full moral authority of the United Nations behind them. Each of these tyrannies constituted one of the "nations" that made up the United Nations.

Today the only way peace or freedom can come is by having a world of nations. Once again, that can only happen when the group that calls itself the United Nations is abolished.