Does anybody on our side have any sense of outrage at all? Or guts?

The Pope is getting old, senile, and therefore liberal. So as he left Cuba, he said America and Europe are only wealthy because they exploit countries like Cuba. He said our wealth was a result of their poverty!

The Pope says we're all thieves living off of Cuba. Has anybody heard a peep of objection?

Me neither.

American Indians are here because they drove other Indians out. But it is routine today to declare that white Americans are evil and are here because we STOLE America from THEM.

What about all these glorious conservative blacks? Anybody hear anything from them?

Every night a lot of whites are killed by blacks. So whites are always being accused of being a race of murderers. So we apologize, if we want to be respectable.

Or we turn into racist nutcases. Is there anyone who is not a racist nutcase or a wimp?

Another timely issue no one but outright racists dare mention

Every state that ratified the Bill of Rights had and enforced a law against miscegenation. All but one of the states that ratified the fourteenth amendment had and enforced antimiscegenation laws.

So the Federal courts said the Bill Of Rights and the fourteenth amendment were written to outlaw laws against miscegenation. South Carolinians are supposed to ratify that decision on election day this November.

Which brave defender of states' rights comes forth to attack this absurdity?

None but the screaming racists.

This is an example of South Carolina's version of respectable conservative bravery: at the Redshirts' meeting in September, I saw a person who wanted to pass out objections to the November resolution. But he wanted to do it ANONYMOUSLY.

I have openly objected to this ballot initiative, under my own name. I have written my third letter to the The State newspaper on it, and demanded that this time it be printed.

They have printed all of my other letters but those attacking this court decision. I have called and now I am demanding in writing that this letter be printed before the November vote.

But then I am apparently unique.

Everybody else is either a nutcase racist or a coward.

We are accused of being thieves and murderers, and we apologize to those who accuse us.

And we keep wondering why this country does not seem to have any sense of outrage left.

Bottom line: No country was ever saved by nutcases or by wimps.